Systems and equipment
for portable use
Pro-Target Range is a modular training platform for centralized interactive management of electronically-detected, reactive and moving targets, with which it is possible to carry out drilling activities provided by the various Agencies and Units.
Real-time information about the shots allows a significant reduction in the consumption of ammunition, a significant reduction of precision weapons barrel wear, the rapid attainment of training goals, an effective use of staff and better use of shooting ranges and dedicated areas. The system consists of a rugged tablet pc and a radio communication module on a tripod, with guaranteed radio coverage for more than 3km.
The platform, in addition to its compact weight and size, is realized according to the MILSTD-810F (vibration, shock, water resistance), and is equipped with all the necessary accessories for portable, stationary and on-vehicle use; it is provided with a 12” LCD  touch screen with sunlight readable technology for full daylight visibility; besides the possibility to control multiple target units simultaneously, it can also save results in electronic format in order to allow an adequate evaluation and reporting activity (After Action Review) for the exercise carried out.

Tablet Pc
Display: touchscreen TFT-LCD 12" “sunlight readable”
Weight: 2,8 kg
Measurements: 330x250x60mm
CPU: Processor Intel Atom
MIL-STD-810F Shock and Vibration Std
Operating temperature: -20°+55°
Degree of protection: IP54

Power supply: via Tablet Pc
Frequency: 8 channels, UHF 400 MHz
Radio coverage: over 3500m
Operating temperature: -20°+55°
Degree of protection: IP67