Systems and equipment
for portable use
Auto-sensing electronic target, with automatic real-time detection of the impact point of the bullet, on and off target, within an area of about 5m x 3m (LOMAH). The system detects the passage of the shot and instantly provides the shooter with a graphical representation of the impact point, the residual velocity, the deviation in centimeters from the center of the silhouette and other ballistic data.
It can be used with any type of ammunition maintaining a supersonic speed during its passage through the target. It does not require any on-the-field electrical preparation. It is fully portable, all-weather, quick-to-operate, and easy to defilade from shooting through a ballistic steel deflector. Ideal for night activities. 
It can be used up to over 1500m distance. It is an ideal tool to raise training standard, to reduce the time spent in the shooting range, reduce the waste of ammunition and the wear of precision weapons barrels, and to speed up weapons zeroing. The system is also used as a validation tool used for efficiency and precision control of ammunition batches and weapons.
Electronic Target Unit
Ammunition: supersonic
Measurements: 45x30x16cm
Weight: 9 kg
Power supply: inside battery, 12V
Degree of protection: IP65
Operating temperature: -15°+45°
Autonomy: 48h