Systems and equipment for
portable use
Interactive falling-silhouette target. It is totally portable, radio-controlled and self-powered.
It can be used with all kind of ammunition, ordinary and non-lethal, and with any kind of material (silhouettes in hardboard, wood, plastic, metal, etc.). Planning, management and data storage via radio device. 
It allows reproducing scenarios of operational engagements, AIR (Automatic Immediate Reactions), MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Territories), CQB (Close Quarters Battle), according to increasingly difficult patterns, also in barracks and for demonstrative drills using non-lethal ammunition.
It requires no electrical arrangements or any other kind of preparation, so that it can easily be used both indoors and outdoors, on any kind of terrain. 
The silhouette is set in motion through radio device or external inputs; it can be programmed according to the number of shots required to bring down the silhouette, operating modalities and timing of the target, sounds and current outputs for the activation of pyrotechnic devices, IED, etc.
The system, by continuously monitoring the units, allows the instructor to follow in real time the performance of the drill, also for the not-in-sight targets: the running software displays a dynamic vision of the training area, with animated interactive icons for the pop-up targets deployed on the field.
Pro-P.Up Target Unit
Ammunition: all (non-lethal and ordinary)
(softair, training munitions, 9mm, 5.56mm, 338LM, 40mm, etc..)
Programming parameters: number of shots, silhouette motion mode, timing, sound, input/output, reaction times reading
Measurements: 56x23x14cm
Degree of protection: IP65
Power supply: 12V
Weight: 19 kg
Autonomy: 1500 activations (up / down) or 48h stand-by
Operating temperature: -10°+50°