Application software for the 
management of targets
and the data backup 
SW 8 L.E.
Software for the management of portable electronic multi-line Pro-Target 8 L.E. target. 
The application allows the simultaneous view on a single display of all firing lines results.
The data provided for each line are:
  • Impact point (graphic view)
  • Speed at target penetration
  • Deviation (cm) from the center of the target
  • Shot pattern centroid
  • Shot pattern dispersion
  • Shot pattern diameter
At the end of the drill you can save the results both individually and for all firing lines, to perform an After Action Review of the activity carried out.
Software Pro-Traget 8.L.E.
Compatibility: multi-line electronic target
Pro-Target 8.LE.
Technical specifications: simultaneous
firing lines results view and data 
backup single line / multiple lines
Operating system: Windows