Systems and equipment for
shooting galleries
It represents the technological evolution of traditional consoles found in shooting galleries. It consists of a remote interface unit, usually located in the system electric control board, and a Display and Control Unit, located in the Range Officer’s box. The console allows control and management of the various plants and installations found in the shooting range (lighting system, ventilation system, doors, alarms, etc...). 

Through the management software and a simple and immediate interface, the operator will be able to activate, adjust and manage the entire structure and its components.

The operational display is divided into 3 zones, so as to be easily understood and immediately implemented: the upper side shows the various active and inactive alarm lights; the central one reproduces the interactive map of the shooting range; and in the lower one there are the activation buttons of the various outputs. The system flexibility allows a quick application of any changes that may be necessary to the console, by simply operating on the software system.

Remote interface unit
Dimension: 26x32x13 cm
Power Supply: 24Vcc/50W
Degree of protection: IP56
Operating temperature: +5°+45°
Connection: Rs232

Display and control unit
Degree of protection: IP56
Operating temperature: +5°+45°
Power supply: 220Vcc/200W